"There are a lot of people out there who are screaming loud that America needs to become a more diverse and accepting place.  But not every group is spoken for, and photographers Idris + Tony are helping to lend a voice to an oft-forgotten demographic."

– Jeffrey Spivey — Uptown Bourgeois

"Diversity has been the buzzword in the fashion industry of late, and few understand its importance quite as well as the rising young photographers Idris & Tony."

– Jonathan Shia — Models.com

"Fashion is rarely seen as a direct path to philanthropy but Idris & Tony are set to change that misconception, one picture at a time with the conception of BASTARD fanzine."

– Irene Ojo-Felix — Models.com

Together, Idris and Tony combine their individual talents into one complete vision to produce Portrait, Fashion and Landscape images. The couple, seemingly capable of working in a variety of mediums, transferring from color for one series to black and white in another, have had their work featured in museums (Smithsonian National Museum of The American Indian, National Geographic Museum) film and television (Miss Navajo, GRAB, RuPaul’s Drag Race), advertising (DKNY, Tuleste, WaiMing, Svee, Rettig, Explendid), and international publications (The World According To Wonder, DETAILS, The Tenth Zine, Client, Carbon Copy, Fucking Young!, Schön, Veoir, Geil, BASTARD fanzine).

Idris Rheubottom is a native New Yorker and graduate of Emory University in the field of Economics, but has always been intrigued by the power of the camera. Shortly after the attacks on September 11th, 2001 he began to break away from the confines of Wall Street to pursue his passions. He enrolled at F.I.T., acquired a degree in photography, and later joined the team in the photo department at DETAILS magazine. In 2007 he set his focus on developing his specialized proficiency with the visionary finesse of his partner, Tony Craig.

A 20-year veteran to the Industry, Tony Craig began his career in fashion as a model under the direction of Elite Model Management in Chicago. The rural Illinois native later moved to New York City where he enrolled at The New School University with a focus on documentary filmmaking. In the beginning of 2005 he joined the management team at IMG Models. Upon his departure in late 2007 he began working as a casting director for designers such as Derek Lam, Stella McCartney and Tom Ford while simultaneously developing his craft behind the lens with his partner, Idris Rheubottom.

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